Polychrome Wood Chiefıs Stool, Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Indian Art

NA-2512 A Northwest Coast Polychrome Wood Chiefıs Stool

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This stool, carved and painted, is supported on four legs, each an individually carved and painted totem. The seat is carved with an anthropomorphic figure at one end, and a frog effigy at the other end. The top of the seat depicts an eagle with a salmon in his talons. This stool not only has native significance, but is also a fun and striking work of folk art.

Dimensions: Height: approx. 20.6 in. (52.3 cm.); Length: approx. 20.2 in. (51.3 cm.)

Provenance: From an old Beverly Hills, California collection formed in the 1960s.

Price: $2,950