Chinesco Seated Female Figure, Ancient West Mexico Pre-Columbian Art

Chinesco Seated Female Figure, Type 'D'

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Protoclassic, 100 B.C. to A.D. 250.

This seated Chinesca with serene expression, deeply recessed eyes, mouth, and nostrils has a straight hairline with incised hair emanating from a central point near the top of the head, and is adorned with ear ornaments, a double stranded necklace with two white painted rows, arm bands, knotted belt, the two feet, all painted red, together with the lower torso black resist checkered and spiraling tatoo designs decorating an overall light pinkish brown slip, the arms looped to her sides.

Provenance: Former Property from a Southern California collection formed in the 1960s.

Dimensions: Height: 11.3 in. (28.7 cm.); Width: (toe to toe) 11 in. (27.9 cm.)

Price: SOLD