Mayan Polychrome Cylinder Vase, Pre-Columbian Art

Mayan Polychrome Cylinder Vase

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Late Classic, circa A.D. 550-950.

This intricately painted Mayan polychrome vase depicts a dignitary seated and cross-legged on a raised bench, wearing elaborate costume, gesturing with his left arm, a standing dwarf figure near his right side, the dignitary facing onto an important personage seated on a woven mat, also elaborately garbed, who in turn is presenting a large ceremonial deity headdress, with areas of cascading plumes, stylized water lilies, paper scrolls, and other royal emblems overall, all between geometric bands, a single glyphic band above; with black, cream, and deep reddish-orange on a pale orange ground.

Property of the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, New York, this vase was acquired in 1967 from Andre Emmerich, New York. The Accession Number is marked in red on the reverse side: "MWP 67.133". This object is sold with a report on Thermoluminescence Authenticity Dating by the distinguished Daybreak Archaeometric Laboratory Services, Guilford, CT.

Provenance: This object has a long and distinguished collection and exhibition history.

Condition: Aside from two minor age cracks, a very few minor abrasions along the rim and the base, this vase is intact and in excellent condition.

Measurements: Height: 9-1/8 in. (23 cm); Diameter: 4.5 in. (11.5 cm.)

Price: Sold