A Shamanic Group, Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Indian Art

A Shamanic Group

A Pacific Northwest Coast wood figural group
representing a male figure squatting above
a stylized frog with upturned head, his
legs flanking a sea mammal, with splayed
tail and articulated fins, held closely to the
human's chest in an embrace.
The eyes of the man are inlaid with stone.
The headdress represents an eagle or a hawk.

Inscriptions are visible pertaining to
the collection of this piece on the backside,
including a reference to the myth of spirit
transmigration and the year 1879.

Provenance: Roy G. Cole, Rousseau, Canada.
Sotheby's London,
November 8, 1977, Lot 111. Sotheby's New York,
November 26, 1991, Lot 131.

Height: 15 3/4 inches.................SOLD